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ENCE Marketing Education Foundation’s mission is to educate small and medium enterprise (SMEs) non-profit organisations (NPOs) and social enterprises to reach business sustainability by developing a strong foundation in marketing, so that they may execute their marketing campaigns effectively.

ENCE Marketing Education Foundation – Marketing Knowhow That Reaps Returns, For Every Business

Our goal is to expand marketing knowledge to help businesses develop sustainable marketing channels and tools for their business to flourish and thrive.

From media and public relations to digital and social media marketing, advertising and experiential events, the world of marketing can be a complex one and learning to navigate the various forms of marketing will cost businesses time and money – resources they often lack. Coupled with ever-changing digital marketing tools and technologies ,it is also difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest marketing trends.

Integrated marketing is something that few SMEs and non-profit organisations really know. Yet, it is exactly what they need to spread the message about their worthy missions more effectively. A sound approach to marketing is especially important to these organisations which do not have large marketing budgets. Their options for reaching their target audience are limited by lack of sufficient funding or resources. This is where we step in.

With our long and varied experience in marketing, we have the tools, resources and knowledge to help these organisations succeed. Our own mission has always been to help small and medium enterprises reach out and assist as many people as possible, and it continues to be especially important in times of change and mounting challenges ahead of all of us. Therefore, we started developing tools, methodologies and processes that are simple to use and apply for organisations with limited resources.

Over the years, after working with several hundred clients on various marketing campaigns, we have designed an integrated marketing approach suitable for organisations and people whose work aims to benefit society. We decided to expand our approach further and start educating non-profits and SMEs on how to apply our marketing tools. Our team of experienced and passionate marketers got together to develop this Marketing Education Foundation. Encemarketingedu.com is an online educational platform and community to help non-profits, social entrepreneurs and SMEs to learn more about integrated marketing and apply it in their own campaigns.

We believe that helping these individuals and organisations through what we know and do best is our way to contribute to society. By assisting others with our knowledge and experience, we thus extend their own mission to help others reach more people and benefiting the environment we live in. With SMEs being the backbone of many countries’ economies, we also believe that assisting them means creating a better environment for all of us.


ENCE Marketing Education Foundation works on several activities and initiatives, all of which are targeted towards our mission: educate small and medium enterprise (SMEs) non-profit organisations (NPOs) and social enterprises to reach business sustainability by developing a strong foundation in marketing, so that they may execute their marketing campaigns effectively. We aim to build a global community of educated marketers through the following activities.

Educational online platform

Our online platform is a fount of all things marketing. We provide in-depth marketing knowledge on the subjects of marketing, such as public relations, social media marketing, digital marketing, events and community outreach. Marketing information here is free for all to access, but it may be overwhelming for some. Should you have any questions, simply reach out to us and an experienced marketer from our team will be in touch with you.

Funding and Partnership Opportunities

We believe that every business will thrive with the right type of marketing. But marketing does not have to be expensive! Getting in touch with the right partners may open doors for your marketing efforts with little or no money. Our network of like-minded entrepreneurs, and clientele list of established businesses are often looking to partner meaningful organisations to socially impact the world together. Get in touch with us to see what we may do together.

Community building

Having started as a small business ourselves, we know how important support is in those vital first few years. Being part of a community of like-minded people going through the same challenges can be life-changing for entrepreneurs themselves and for the people they serve. Therefore we aim to build and nurture a community of founders who can rely on each other and support each other support throughout their business journey. Join our community of business owners for marketing today!

ENCE Marketing Education Foundation with ID number 206149273 is a non-profit in public benefit registered in the Republic of Bulgaria (part of the EU) according to the LNPLE. The activities of the foundation are non profit, non-commercial and only in accordance with its mission.