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Marketing Events

With the continually changing landscape of marketing, keeping up with the latest marketing trends is increasingly challenging. Attending webinars, seminars, conferences and marketing-related events is an excellent way to keep yourself updated on what is going on and what is new in the field.

Our team follows and attends many summits, conferences and seminars around the world, and we recommend that as a good practice. Below we share some events which you may find beneficial. Do note that we are not affiliated to any of these organisers in any way, and do not endorse any of them specifically. They are listed here as a consolidation of marketing events across the globe for your ease of reference.

  • 27-30 October 2020

    Search Marketing Summit

    27-30 October 2020; Sydney, Australia

    Search is one of the most important channels. It’s especially important if your budget is tight because good optimization of your website will enable you to save a considerable chunk of your maxrketing expenses. The event has many hands-on workshops as well as talks which will allow you to get actual experience with search marketing and search engine optimisation. Networking opportunities will allow you to talk directly with experts and ask them specific questions.

  • 24-25 November 2020

    State of Social

    24-25 November 2020; Perth, Australia

    This event provides a thorough look at trends in social media, both current ones and those who extend into the future. Since almost all of us use social media, it probably is a part of your marketing strategy, and the news and trends should be something you follow closely. The format of the event allows you to talk directly to people with the same challenges as yourself, as well as to industry leaders who could give you helpful insights. Talks are inspiring and will let you interpret and put them into your own plans for the next few months.

  • 2-3 December 2020

    #DMWF Asia

    2-3 December 2020; Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    This conference is dedicated to the future of marketing, with a special focus on technology and software. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your marketing efforts, or you know a lot about the software you could use but aren’t sure where to start this may be a good way for you to learn more. The event has been held for 11 years, and it’s among the leading marketing technology events in Asia. It provides an opportunity for learning and networking alike.